The Brand


My Values

I believe that the essence of class and sophistication is minimalism. I am committed to expressing the true meaning of beauty and elegance through people of colour, bringing them front and centre. STEVEN MYRTHIL BEAUTÉ.INC is more than a makeup or skincare brand, it is a lifestyle best represented by fearless individuals who face the world with their heads held high. Elegant and powerful warriors who look into the eye of the storm and are not shaken. Mothers, fathers, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends and leaders who move through this world with grace and purpose. I see that in people of colour all around me every day. I’m the embodiment of that spirit.

Made with Care!
I use time, love, and patience. I only use the best ingredients possible. All products are dermatologically approved. I work with labs that have 24 years of experience in skin-cares. A vegan, cruelty-free, spiritual and humanitarian brand for people of colour. Nothing but love !
How We Use It?
Can you Keep a Secret ?
Why Organic?
I believe in the power of plants and what the earth has provided us. I was raised with natural remedies that had been in my family for generations and used by my mother and grandmother. Nurture nature and nature nurtures.

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    My Story

    In 2015, I had never discussed my sexuality or came out to anyone. My first experience confessing feelings for another man was strange, exciting, and nerve-racking all in one. I told him I was interested in him, however the feelings were far from reciprocated. Not only did he tell me he was straight, he also told me I was disgusting, weird, and dumb for having feelings for him and if I talked or looked at him, he would “beat me up.” I was devastated and was scared, and I fell into a depression.

    However, I have this experience to thank. It’s my emotions and my actions during this time that allowed me to reconnect with a friend from grade school. She told me about a woman who helps people pave their own path in the fashion and beauty industry. I decided to take her course. I’ve learned to respect and love myself again through beauty.



    My inspiration for this brand is Whoopi Goldberg. She was the first black woman I had ever seen on TV. Her beauty was magnetic and pure. Even with her dark skin, she was and still is the light for many people of colour around the globe. She represents the natural beauty and she is one of the beautiful spirits of the black community. My inspiration continued among the various women of colour who entered my life. How society has depicted them as unattractive, not feminine enough, angry and in service of others. 

    People of colour can make a change and be the difference we want to get in this world. We refused to be the stereotype that society thinks of us. Creating an eco-friendly safe space and brand where people feel comfortable buying products from us due to our conscious way of seeing the world and respecting it is a beautiful thing. 


    My 3-3-3 Principle

    We are a humanitarian brand who commits to giving back 3% off every sale, to support three specific causes who have the same core value as us.



    The last verse of Psalm Four is a verse I learned from my mother. When I was younger, I was scared of the dark and this Psalm helped me through sleepless nights. When you feel there is no light in the world, look no further than Psalm Four. 

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